Tricks For Taking Care Of Your Smile!

You have heard this repeated over the years:  Brush and floss daily.  While brushing and flossing daily are the keys to maintaining good oral health there are tricks to help you get the most out of your home care routine.  

We recommend brushing gently and thoroughly after every meal and at bedtime.  Yes, this means you should be brushing your teeth at least four times each day!  Your brushing technique should include brushing the chewing surfaces and also the sides of your teeth all the way down to just below the gumline.  You should take your time moving tooth to tooth in a gentle but thorough fashion.  

We recommend flossing only once a day and flossing should be done each day when you are the least rushed and in a hurry.  This means you should consider flossing after your bedtime brushing right before going to bed.  Flossing shouldn't hurt but should help remove any plaque that is hiding on the surfaces between your teeth.

Using a soft bristle tooth brush will be most effective without scrubbing too hard on your gums.  Electric or "power" toothbrushes make your daily brushing even easier and leave your teeth and gums feeling like you have just had your teeth cleaned by our hygienist in our office!

There is no magic about using a special toothpaste so we recommend that you choose a paste that suits your personal preferences.  Also there isn't any magic mouthrinse that you can use as a shortcut in your homecare routine.

We have partnered with Oral-B and give you Oral-B brushes at your hygiene and checkup appointments, and we also have Oral-B Power Brushes for purchase here in our office.  We even have an Oral-B power brush that you may try out or "test drive" in our office.  Ask Stephanie about our Oral-B tooth brushes.

So there are tricks to proper oral home care.  We will be happy to help you add the necessary tricks to your home care routine.  We want you to be proud to share your smile!