Thankful and Happy to have such a nice team!

Managing a successful Dental practice is definitely a team effort.  Providing excellent care for our large family of patients requires having the best employees working hard in all facets of our business.  I am Thankful and Happy to be able to work with the best Dental team ever!  Carolyn is new to our practice and has brought her pleasant personality and attention to detail to our business and reception office.  Melinda is now working by my side in the treatment areas and has a knack for calming and relaxing our patients before and during treatment.  Stephanie has a very light touch and cares a great deal about helping maintain our patients' optimum dental health.  I couldn't keep all of the paperwork organized without the help of Shirley and her many years of business management experience.


We all love our patients and our work.  In the midst of the Holiday season I wanted to compliment my office staff for being such an integral part of our continued success!  Thanks Carolyn, Melinda, Stephanie and Shirley for jobs well done!!