My Dream Smile!
September 17, 2015
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"Over the past couple of years I had become self conscious about my smile due to the spacing of some of my teeth.  Dr. Reynolds was able to give me the smile I have always dreamed of having just in time for my son's wedding!  Thanks to Dr. Reynolds, I have a beautiful smile and am enjoying life more."  Kathi.  August 2015

In over 27 years we have had the privilege and opportunity to work with many patients who have concerns about the appearance of their smiles.  We notice that many of our patients have let their concerns about the appearance of their smiles hold them back in their daily lives.  Some of our greatest rewards have been seeing the change in someone's personality and enthusiasm even after the most simple correction to their smiles!   

Our cosmetic consultation is inexpensive and allows us to listen to our patient's concerns and evaluate the appearance of their teeth to determine what possible dental treatments might help them have the smile of their dreams.  Cosmetic Orthodontics, Teeth Whitening, and Cosmetic Bonding are just a few of the options available to improve smiles.  Call us to schedule your consultation today!